How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex

with Dr. Meg Meeker, MD

Hey there I'm Dr. Meg Meeker, and I'm SO excited you're here

Talking to your kids about sex should be an enjoyable experience, not one that is scary, embarrassing, or stressful.  I'm serious!  I love talking to kids about sex.  They can't wait to learn and are curious.  The best part?  They WANT to learn from YOU.  Whether you think it or not, they want you to teach them about sex because they respect you.  It's been proven - kids want their parents to teach them about sex.

I've been a pediatrician for over 30 years and I've got kids and grandkids of my own.  I've had this talk over and over and every time, I'm always impressed at how badly kids want this information.  I totally get how you might be apprehensive about having this talk with them...

You may be nervous that you'll say or do the wrong things.  You might be thinking, "I don't know enough about anatomy and how it all works to be giving this talk!".  Or maybe you think it's already too late, you should have talked to them about sex already, or that they're too young, or it will be awkward, or you don't know what to say...

I promise you, this program is EXACTLY what you need...


  • Video trainings covering the age groups of 8-12, 13-15 and 16-18. These video trainings give step-by-step instructions about how to talk to your kids about sex the RIGHT way.
  • ​PDF guides with additional training materials that include scripts you should use to engage your kids when wanting to talk about sex, what NOT to say, what you SHOULD say, and everything in between.
  • ​This is like your cheatsheet to know how to navigate one of the most important, special and amazing talks you can EVER have with your children.  Don't skip over this and avoid it because you don't know what to say or do - that's why I created this program and I am so excited to help.


Dr. Meg Meeker, MD

World-renowned pediatrician, speaker, best-selling author, mother, grand-mother, and expert on talking to kids about sex.


  • You have a child at least 8 years old (if they're younger than 8, it's not likely they're ready to talk about sex yet, but if they are, they're covered in our 8-10 year old section) and you feel like they need to learn about the misconceptions, dangers, joy and privilege of sex...
  • ​You want your kids to listen AND talk with you about sex, so they make the best decisions possible... 
  • ​You don't know how to approach the topic of sex with your kids and you feel intimidated or embarrassed to do it...
  • ​You feel like your kid won't listen to you and are worried they'll learn from someone else...
  • ​You feel STUCK / want the next steps...




  • I've done this work for you already. I've taught thousands and thousands of parents how to talk to their kids about sex. As a practicing pediatrician, I still teach kids about sex, today.
  • ​Wouldn't you like to avoid awkward conversations with your kids and have this talk go as smoothly as possible? Think of how great it will be, knowing EXACTLY what to say and how to guide the talk. 
  • ​​This isn't a traditional "course" where you have to spend hours and hours AFTER you purchase to figure it out on your own. I'll walk you through how to have this talk with your kids, step-by-step.


Q: What do I get when I buy this program?

A: Along with the PDF guide books helping you through the talk, you'll get full access to videos explaining exactly how to navigate the sex conversation with your child, no matter their age. The conversations change as kids get older which is why I created 3 versions of this program - to cater to each age group.  You get access to all of them!

Q: How long does it take to go through this program?

A: Depending on how quickly you want it to get through everything, it could take anywhere from 30-60 minutes.  I wanted to make this a simple program, so you can keep the conversation simple.  I know you're probably thinking this is going to be uncomfortable and complicated.  You may have fear or be scared to have this talk!  It doesn't have to be scary.  Follow my program and you'll know exactly what to do, I promise.

Q: How do I access this program?

A: After you purchase, you'll be sent an email with information on how to access the program through Mighty Networks. Check your email and it will take you through how to confirm registration and you'll get instant access.

Q: Is this program for parents with children of all ages?

A: Yes! There are multiple versions of the program because kids at different ages need to learn different things. No matter how old your child is, I've got you covered.

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